i’m learning MERN Stack at Masai School. in the Unit — 2 Evaluation’s Build Week i have worked on a group project with my Batch mates Gopi Chandana and Himanshu Kumar. in which we have tried to cloned the Shapelink.com site in just 4 days.

For a quick overview Shapelink is a workout log website which helps us to track our goals and schedules. it also has an android app, however with different name Twiik.

Tech Stack Used

Home Page

  • User can see Navbar on the top section, some static information on middle part and at the bottom of the page there is a footer which we have build so far in this page.
  • We have also build a Login popup through which user can login to our clone website.

Exercise Page

Show Calendar

  • We can create a task by just clicking on the ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR button or by small add buttons presents in each day boxes.
  • Right now the Weight functionality is working, so if we click on weight, the popup will appear to input the data.
  • if we enter any value and saved it, then it will be stored in Local Storage of Browser and will be displayed on Page.

My Things

  • It also has many child pages so following pages are created by us with CRUD functionality.
  1. Cardio
  2. Food
  3. Meals

Blogs Page

  • This page also has CRUD functionality, it can creates new articles which will be stored locally and reflected on the Blog page.

Roles and Responsibility

  • We divided our work and take the responsibility to complete our work on time and contribute to project in proper way.
  • Every day we have connected with each other and shared our progress, helped to resolve issues of other team mates and planned next day.

Challenges Faced

  • Working on a remote project is always difficult, constant communication required, to during entire project so we connected with each other very frequently.


At the end we have completed the partial cloning of shapelink.com with some of it’s main functionalities which is working fine. the project repository is available on GitHub.

Team Members and Contributors

  1. Gopi Chandana
    GitHub : https://github.com/GopiChandana
    Email : gopichandanasiri@gmail.com
    Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/gopi-chandana-1944081ba/
  2. Himanshu Kumar
    GitHub : https://github.com/hithanos
    Email : hkghimanshu@gmail.com

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