BBC Clone in just 4 days

Tech Stack Used

We are learning React for quite some time so decided to go with it. other stack we used is mentioned below.

Libraries Used

To build a nearly perfect clone and replicate every feature we used many libraries as mentioned below such as,
1. redux
2. react-redux
3. redux-thunk
4. react-loading-skeleton
5. react-toastify
6. react-awesome-slider
7. react-youtube
8. react-player
9. react-social
10. react-icons

Overall Structure and Functionality

we properly followed the layout and structure of the original website and also try to replicate key features properly.

Key Feature

  • New User Registration
  • Login as Normal User and Admin
  • Post New Stories if logged in as Admin
  • Database with json-server


The Homapage shows different card of news from database which we have created. it also has annoying popup advertisement.

Login Page

Anyone can see the news but if you want to post the news you first have to login as Admin from the Account Page.

Search Feature

Users can just search for anything on the search bar and results will be displayed. if there are more than 10 results then you will see pagination also.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • We divided our work based on the most important features and stick to them, such as
    - I was creating and maintaining the database, implemented Advertisement and toast feature also.
    - Pranit was making the basic UI of the landing page.
    - Bhairavesware was dedicated to logging in and Registration pages.
    - Priyanka was creating the articles pages and implementing different stuff.
  • whenever someone stuck we helped each other and make sure that our task gets completed

Challenges faced

  • Merge conflicts were the major issue we faced throughout that four days.
  • That was our first project with React so we faced a little bit of challenge to manage state and implementing some features.


That was a memorable experience for me because the first time I worked with such a large team. our collective effort and pro-activeness about solving problems made it possible to build such a complex website in just 4 days.

Team Members and Contributors

1. Akash Vaghela

2. Abhinav Raj

3. Priyanka Poshala

4. Pranit Jogwe

5. Bhairavesware Reddy



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