Yes, that's true, I have built the clone of the BBC News website in just 4 days along with my teammates. the overall collective effort made it possible.

So last week I worked on a group project were we tried to clone the BBC news website. our aim was to complete the working project in 4 days. that was a short period of time but managed it very well and in the end did it.

Tech Stack Used

We are learning React for quite some time so decided to go with it. other stack we used is mentioned below.

1. React
3. CSS

Have you ever played Clash of Clan or any clan strategy game? if yes then you know the joy of building something.

It doesn't matter if you build a Paper plane or Tesla, the feeling is the same. in my case, I build and clone web sites as I’m learning Web development at Masai School.

So last week I got a Team Project to build a clone of Sugar Cosmetics website along with my teammates Abhinav Raj, Vinesh Nair, and Lokesh Nimje. surprisingly we managed to do it in the given time period (4 Days).

However, we not only just…

i’m learning MERN Stack at Masai School. in the Unit — 2 Evaluation’s Build Week i have worked on a group project with my Batch mates Gopi Chandana and Himanshu Kumar. in which we have tried to cloned the site in just 4 days.

For a quick overview Shapelink is a workout log website which helps us to track our goals and schedules. it also has an android app, however with different name Twiik.

Tech Stack Used

  • To clone the site we haven't used any framework or fancy UI library, instead of that we stick to the fundamental things of web devlopment…

at Masai School during the Unit — 1 Evaluation i have worked on a group project with my Batch mates Akhil and Akshay. in which we have tried to cloned the site in 4 days.

Team Members

  • Akash Vaghela
  • Akhil Ponduru
  • Akshay Malge

Tech Stack Used

we are in the beginning of our course so we have created all the pages with basics and did’t have use any UI library.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Home Page

  • we have created the static page or website due to the lack of advanced topics and limitation of time constrains .

Pricing Page

  • we have created the pricing page which is almost simillar…

Akash Vaghela

At Masai | Titan Batch Student

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